Fortitude Performance Coaching

Building Strong and Resilient Athletes.

Fortitude Performance Coaching was founded by Lauren Higgins, M.S., CSCS, FMS and Dr. Simon Higgins, Ph.D., CSCS, FMS to help athletes of all backgrounds achieve their health and performance goals. In this context, ‘athlete’ not only includes elite performers, but also anyone seeking to develop the core components of athleticism (i.e. functional movement, strength, power, speed, agility, balance, endurance, reaction time, coordination, flexibility, and body composition). Utilizing their combined years of education, research, and hands-on experience with some of the world’s top athletes, Lauren and Simon apply the latest in human performance research to develop evidence-based training programs. Regardless of age, physical development, or training status, Fortitude Performance Coaching prepares athletes for the physical challenges of life and competition.


Coaching Services

Online Coaching

We offer individualized online programming for athletes of all levels

Stock Programs

We also offer stock programs for purchase through our online store, including endurance, strength, weight loss programming, and much more

In-Person Training

We have limited spaces for in-person personal training clients out of Downtown Fitness in Greensboro, NC

Client Testimonials